My 32 at 32

In Uncategorized on March 11, 2015 at 3:37 pm

Random musings, personal philosophies and some obvi observations.

1. My sugar rule insists that hot drinks are ordered half sweet and that only about half the instructed amount get used for most recipes. It’s sugar guys, not garlic. Use less whenever possible.

2. I advise not approaching your wedding day as “the best” or “most important” day of your life. You will simply be underwhelmed. Take the pressure off, aim for fun, and it will be unforgettable no matter what.

3. If being a grandma means a preference for long walks, drinking hot water and sleeping early, then holla at your grandma! I’m in.

4. An interesting shift happened when I entered my 30’s. Instead of worrying about my own aging, I began worrying about my parents’ aging. I wish time would slow down for them.

5. “The cure for anything is salt water. Sweat, tears, or the sea”. I couldn’t agree more.

6. The way you rev up your day can set the tone for the rest of it. So begin your day gently, with good manners and good humour.

7. Contrary to popular belief, not owning a scale is the healthier option.

8. I see flowers as the same as bread, avocados and eggs – a weekly essential, best fresh.

9. The excuses that prevent you from traveling today will haunt you one day when you actually can’t go.

10. Just because you’ve been to Paris, it doesn’t make you a pastry connoisseur, okay?

11. Eating well is not cheating; it is a privilege.

12. I enjoy sending snail mail because I love the idea of my letter standing out as a nice surprise amongst a pile of sucky bills.

13. The best beauty products ever: sleep and water.

14. The heart is simultaneously the strongest and most vulnerable organ in the human body. Handle with care and the utmost respect. It’s easy to forget the respect part.

15. Count small victories every day. Then celebrate often. It might just be the secret to happiness.

16. Secretly, everyone just wants to be with somebody who is gush worthy.

17. Be gush worthy.

18. Three tiny ways technology rule: The “I’m thinking of you” texts. Google maps. FaceTime with the little bro when he is far away.

19. Don’t you ever want to leave the city, just to see the stars? I do.

20. A reminder, your parents are simply just trying to figure their shit out too.

21. Kitchen utensils with a singular purpose are a colossal waste of space. Paring knife > Avocado pitter.

22. While quality over quantity should be applied to most things, it absolutely must be applied to clothing, make-up, and Instagram.

23. My mom told me this day would come, but I am really (really!) missing my metabolism circa early 2000s.

24. Don’t let perfect get in the way of good. This philosophy has helped me be brave enough to do a lot of things that I’m not nearly qualified enough to do, like writing these sorts of lists.

25. Self-awareness, it’s not obvious and it doesn’t come easy, but please keep practicing.

26. Sometimes you just have to sleep it off and believe in the potential of a fresh morning perspective.

27. Apparently “bad choices” aren’t limited to the inexperienced. I’m learning that we never really quite grow out of stupidity.

28. I know you’re my bff when you order hot water for me in public. THANK YOU!

29. I believe in soul mates. And I believe in different kinds of soul mates. And I believe that music soul mates are the best kind.

30. Curating vs. accumulating. Do not confuse the two.

31. Be generous of spirit, but protective of your time.

32. The best is yet to come.


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