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1 year old

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happy birthday bloggy :) woggywoggggywoo


A Fine Balance

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“After all , our lives are but a sequence of accidents – a clanking chain of chance events. A string of choices, casual or deliberate, which add up to one big calamity we call life.”

A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry is incredible. The imagery, characters, beauty and heartache all inspire and impact. I wish this journey kept going. Having a hard time letting Dina, Ishvar, Om, and Maneck go. I want to sit down, have tea with them, take a walk, and just let them vent and lash out. I’ll listen and let their stories break my heart.

Need to go to India, and need my next read.


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See more stunning photos from National Geographic’s Photography Contest 2010.

A Piece to You

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Growing up, I always wanted an older brother.  He would to do what I thought a big brother should do, take care of  his kid sister. He would pass along his  rusty old bike,  captain after dinner ice cream runs,  be the go-to dude behavior decoder. The usual perks of an older brother would apply too, like 24/7 (unwarranted) access to his sweet music collection and his baggy sweat shirts. But as much as I wanted an older brother, I don’t have one, and it’s okay.

Instead of an older brother, I have an older sister. The fact that she is way (wayyyy) shorter and way cuter than me might throw off her “older sister” image. I’ve known her my whole life – through the red Hello Kitty glasses days, the boy haircut days, and the Hello Kitty glasses/ boy haircut combo days. Basically, she’s seen it all. What makes her a sister though, is that she’s been through it all too – stupid boy 1,  grandma’s death, mom’s cancer, dad’s cancer, stupid boy 2…-  yes, she’s been through the thin and thinner.  Yes she is the best sister, even if her music collection sucks and her clothes are too small for me to steal. And she is absolutely intolerable without coffee.  However, if you manage to satiate her caffeine needs, she’s super  peachy. She takes me to the movies…  she takes me surfing… and she buys me cheeseburgers (whenevs I want). What I admire about her most is how good she is at being a sister  to me, even though I am not more than a longtime friend from childhood. She has always been the first to call after we fight, the first to ask the doctor if the tumor is malignant, and the last to give up on me.

Most of the time, you want what you don’t have. But once in a while, you realize you have something that you didn’t even know you wanted. It is easy to figure out the former but the latter is not as easy to recognize.  But if and when you do, it is insanely rewarding. No, I never knew I wanted an older sister, but now that I realize I have one, I don’t ever want to not have one again. Happy Birthday Janjan.

To Land on the Moon …

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yo avatar,

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can i wear my tutu everyday?