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It won’t if you don’t let it.

It won’t. If you don’t let it.

It won’t. If. You don’t let it.

It will. If you don’t. Let it.


Don’t Want to a Miss a Thing

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I just want to be with you
Right here with you, just like this


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My mom turned fifty a few days ago and it’s strange to realize that I have been in her life for more than half of it. She was a young mom, and everything I have is either something she has given me or has given up for me. So  to say the least, she is  extraordinarily special and we needed to celebrate that. One of the best things I love about my mom is how easy it is to make her happy. Dining at L’Abattoir, she was surrounded by six of her dearest, beaming in her polkadot dress. We drank bottles of red, spoon fed each other scrumptiousness, and laughed over trifle until our window view of cobble stones and vintage bicycles tied to trees became a picture of night. It was a birthday of happy, and a toast to fifty more.

Ari Golden

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I really like Ari Gold. I put him up there between butter and white t-shirts. I just want to rewind and replay him everyday. It is always a suitable time for Ari. If we ever hung out, I would bring pen and paper to  frantically scribble down all his zingers. Too bad my own words doesn’t nearly pack as hot of a punch. Then again, not everyone is born Golden.

PS. Ari is nothing without Lloyd
PPS. Also, a shout out to Johnny Drama

Flower Shop

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How are you?

Not good.
My girlfriend’s a mess, her dad died.
Yesterday, from a heart attack.
He was getting the mail.
Didn’t get to say bye.

Horseback Rided

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My horse’s name is Tonto. He is color patched like a cow but shaped like a horse. He has funny hair, half his mane swept to the left, the other half to the right. It could be bed head but that means he is sleeping really weird. I liked Tonto right away, and right away you can tell he is the dork of the stable. He certainly did not exude qualities of a strong stallion or of a dashing beauty, he came across as the geeky horse that got picked on by the jock horses. While trotting along Pemberton trails, Tonto always fell behind. A couple of times, Tonto stopped going with the flow, to back his bum up into surrounding shrubs in order to scratch it. No, he is not very suave. The trainer said he is a “good” boy but “lazy”. Contrary to her insight, I think Tonto is bored out of his mind. I think if someone challenged him to a galloping race with the promise of a cute girl horse with a braided tail at the finish line then Tonto would show up and show off, he just needs a little inspiration. I tried my horse whisperer moves on him but apparently he doesn’t speak ebonics. I’d love to spend time with Tonto again and I’d invite Oli and Archie to come along too. We’d take a few scenes from a classic Western flick and go about our day saving Bonnie lasses, resting by water holes and galloping into the sunset.