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Mountain Biked

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My “mountain” of choice was actually Whistler’s Lost Lake trails. Yes, there are still impressive inclines and declines but I just don’t deserve – not even for a second – someone to credit me for being brave enough to slide down Blackcomb. And even though I stuck to green trails, I was still having a hard time keeping up. My thighs were burning going uphill and my heart was racing going downhill. I ended up giving my bike a lot of walks… it needed the exercise.  I definitely did not anticipate myself being so scared of little rocks, big rocks, or any rock. I constantly felt like I was just a peddle away from tripping over.  I so did not rock (mwop mwop). To make matters worse, the more scared I was, the more I squeezed those hand breaks, and the more I was setting myself up for a great fall. Anyway, I didn’t end up falling, but I did end up having a blast and gaining so much respect for mountain bikers. I’ll likely try it again next summer, but until then, cruisers and pavement for me.


Heart Mail

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Voice mail my mom left me last night –

Ga Jie, If you have time, look at the moon. Beside it is a really bright star, it’s Mars. Remember to check. Sometimes it might be covered by clouds, so try a few times. You’ll see it for sure.

I didn’t see Mars last night. I tried on my way home, and again before bed,  The moon was bright and round though, it made me think of both my grandmas. I know mom was thinking the same thing.


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Originating from Hawaii more than 200 years ago, paddleboarding is AMAZEBALLS. For starters, it is wayyyy easier than surfing and I found it fairly easy to adapt to (even in biggish waves… stupid speed boats). It is an exceptional way to unwind after work and really accessible. Just jump into bikini, hop onto  board, and paddle away all your stress. Apparently, around 8 pm is when the waves are the calmest, making it the most ideal  condition for the sport. Incredibly, in spite of the choppy waves, I didn’t once fall into the Pacific and more over, there were no shark sightings. While others have claimed this sport awesome for working out arms and abs, I definitely didn’t feel the effect. Perhaps this is due to my  excellent technique of death gripping the board with my toes while using my thighs to anchor my body… not the sexiest way to paddleboard but next time I’ll go during sun set… then that will set the mood for sexy technique usage for sure.


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Stoked for my first paddleboarding lesson today at Jericho beach. In photos of other people paddleboarding, they look so serene and at peace with the water. But I just don’t see myself having that same grace. Therefore I’m anticipating to capsize at some point, fully body dunking into the Pacific. On the other hand, Hailey says she would “freaking die” if she sees a shark or a seal, in which case, I would paddle over, join her board to mine, (with seaweed?) and sail my way to Africa. The end… actually, the beginning.

Secret Spot

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I added a new spot to my collection of secret places. It’s a gem of a place in the heart of the city.  It’s cliff side with steady waves rolling in with sparkling moonlight. It’s dark enough for shooting stars to dance, enclosed enough to keep out the non kindred souls, and removed enough to make you forget where you are. While most secret spots are stumbled upon by accident, this secret spot was shared with me by a dear friend. He showed me where to go– straight through the highway, turn there, stop here, then down the steps. When we got there, it was gorgeous and empty.  And that’s how you know it’s your spot, because it feels like it’s been waiting for you to find. We filled up the empty space with stories and imagination and when it was time to go, we took only our shadows.

While secret spots are enchanting in many ways, I don’t visit them often. They are not places to exploit on a whim, they’re reserved for particular moments, for special people. And I never make plans to go to a secret spot, it just happens that I end up there. I’m sure everyone has a few spots they call their own, and I think that’s really cool. Home should be explored intimately. Rooftops should be climbed, trails should be hiked, and corners should be turned. Don’t mind getting lost because there is always the possibility that somewhere might be found. After all, secret spots are for finding, but what you do with it is your secret to keep.

This Guy’s Birthday

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This guy is a guy’s guy. This guy is a lady’s man. This guy plays crib. This guy reads Moby Dick for fun. This guy cooks with sea salt. This guy denies that he puts the “hip” in hipster. This guy raps Juicy better than Biggie. This guy is still is still an animal. At 5, this guy answered the phone with “who dis?”.  At 17, this guy knew how to fold pocket squares three different styles. At 21, this guy was West End’s “best bartender”.  At 25, this guy torn it all down and built from ground up. This guy looks dirty with a ‘stache. This guy wished he looked dirtier with a ‘stache. This guy has rocked a shaved head, a faux hawk, and the Jake Gyllenhall. This guy is close to rocking the bald look. This guy is going to punch me. This guy is my best friend. This guy is that Jeff.

Happy Birthday.

Summer of 69

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I reacquainted myself with Bryan Adams yesterday. I thought I knew his deal, but apparently I had no idea. To me, he’s always just been the homegrown boy with greasy hair and some great sing along hits. My mistake, but I kind of lumped him in with other has-beens and moved on with Aussie bands and European girls to satiate my musical appetite.

The last time I checked in with Bryan was probably in high school, and that song he did with Sporty Spice was the last I heard of him. To be fair though, I always, always turned up the radio when Everything I Do, I Do it For You is on, and I never failed to be among the first to go bananas with them white folks when the first few notes of Summer of 69 was detected, but that was pretty much the extent of Bryan’s significance in my life… until yesterday.

Bryan cooked up a mean show at Empire Stadium with some epic ingredients – blazing sun, lifer fans, and amazing acoustics. True to his reputation, he is one of those rare artists that sound better live in show than spinning on a CD. I appreciated how basic he kept his show. It was just him and his boys with a few guitars and a drum set. The best was anytime the show was stripped down to just Bryan singing straight from his heart. I was floored by his voice.

Alas, it takes a little more than a boy with his guitar to make me fall head over heels. What really did it for me was how his songs made me nostalgic for slower days. I’ve been so go go go lately that sometimes I forget to ground myself. But yesterday, I felt like I was pulled back, asked to stand still, to listen. And when I did, it felt so good. It was fun to be 18 again  with Bryan Adams in his basement as he fiddled with chords and scribbled down lyrics. I’m really glad I  got to  spend some time with him, and I’m  really really glad classics never age.

Just give it to me straight from the heart
Tell me we can make another start

You know I’ll never go
As long as I know
It’s coming straight from the heart

A Tale for Two

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They say a wedding is just one day while a marriage is a lifetime
So color all your tomorrows with songs and with rhymes

Start each day with a big cup of coffee and a jolly good tune
End each night with bedtime stories and kisses beneath the moon

While you have a lifetime to look forward to, together to share
Dare to live each day as if each moment was fleeting and rare

You gotta live the height and width of life before your hair turns white
Before Connie is moldy and wrinkly and Carnot too saggy for sight

Craft each day into an adventure from now until who knows when
Go big, hold hands and welcome the surprises around the bend

Delight in the silly things that make each other your one and only
Just think, you chose this person because everyone else is bologna

Make sure to always try new things, throw new tricks into the mix
Remember to stretch though Carnot, or you’ll break like a stick

And not long from now between the jokes, the trips and the dishes
Babies will start popping out to give their grandparents sweet kisses

And when you feel like days are melting into years – memories intertwine
Sit down, soak it all in, go ahead, enjoy another glass of wine

I stand up here not because I know any more about love than you
But I picked up a pen and started writing a tale for two

It’s your turn now to take the story wherever you want to take it
Make it fun, keep it happy, and don’t settle for less than epic

Cus when you’re in love, there just isn’t enough time in the world
For a boy to spend with his favorite girl