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My (ongoing) Bucket List

In Uncategorized on March 14, 2010 at 10:22 pm

1. Write a children’s book
2. Write a song
3. Strum a few songs on the guitar
4. Sail away on a hot air balloon
5. Host the most fabulous dinner party with 10 bffs
6. Grow organic cherry tomatoes
7. Successfully jump off a rope swing, unlike last summer
8. Tell you what you mean to me
9. Breakfast with dad, like we use to
10. Execute my trench coat plan
11. Visit the south of France with mom
12. Read Silverstein and Munsch to my grandchildren
13. Live by the seaside
14. Have 3 dogs at the same time
15. Perfect making my own ice cream …. and waffle cones
16. Photography, the ins and outs, black and white, raw and sublime
17. Own a beautiful space to call my own
18. Get behind the steering wheel of a small plane
19. Give a damn good speech about… ?
20. Sincerely apologize for the things I am sorry for
21. Live South Africa
22. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
23. Swim with sharks
24. Roam the Safari
25. Attend a Mozart symphony
26. Knit a scarf
27. Dramatic make out sess in the pouring rain
28. Sing “In My Heart” with Rod Stewart
29. Flip a pancake without a spatula
30. Teach my mom how to ride a bike
31. Watch a musical on Broadway, NY
32. Drive a badass drop top
33. Teach someone how to read
34. Donate all my books
35. Be a part of a musical cast ensemble
36. See the Taj Mahal
37. See Lion King the musical

*last updated 05/28/10


The Great Escape

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I am addicted to the beauty and charisma of this Tropicana ad and find myself watching it a few times a day to soak up it’s  high.  It is a simple concept lush with love and creativity. Set in the Arctic and laced with Patrick Watson vocals and piano,  I felt a rush of warmfuzzies when the dark was blanketed by light.  Anyway, watch and feel as I peace out with a few words from Patrick to sum it all up: “Don’t be afraid, just eat up all the gray, and it will fade away.”

a line

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I’m still here.  I am in a good place right now and I will snail mail my thoughts on the new scenery.  Right now I’m just busy exploring. If you haven’t noticed my absent then you never were mine to begin with.