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PS. phoenixox

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Je t’aime Je t’aime Je t’aime Phoenix! An epic show from beginning to end, and hate to say it, but you sorta had to be there to feel it. Highlights of the evening included Mr. Mars defining cool when he took 5 right on stage during the instrumental build up of Love Like a Sunset. Next time, I’ll take the liberty to lie down next to the lead singer and rocket imagine us to Paris so we can dance party on the Eiffel. And since I’m imagining, will somebody hurry and acquaint me with Mr. Drummer Drums ‘cus nobody rocks a stache and membranophones as hard as he. Overall, it felt like Phoenix’s set flew by faster than you or I can spell W-o-l-f-g-a-n-g A-m-a-d-e-u-s P-h-o-e-n-i-x because I don’t remember how I got from Lisztomania to witnessing a hundred fans rush from the floor onto stage during encore to get intimate with the band. Meanwhile I was first row dress circle debating whether or not to jump the balcony wishing so badly I was there with the lucky bunch (I’ll forever regret my inability to do Spider Man esque leaps). As expected of the affectionate French Men, they embraced Vancouver’s  groupie swarm like butter played toast- kudos boys because  we all left feeling like we were truly a part of a legendary moment. Hopefully as a city, we  were able to make as big and as lovely as an impression on the band as the band did on us because I’m already hot for a rendezvous.


Weekend Verbatim

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out of context verbal highlights from the weekend past-

At Phoenix Concert:

“Omg I want to jump!”

At the Met:

“I heard you say ‘I’m a hipster at heart.'”
“No I didnt.”
“Yes you did!”
“Damnit, I can’t believe I said it out loud.”

At Cedar:

“Put him in the pile la.”

At Ikea

“It feels like I’ve been waiting all day for you.”
“But I waited my whole life for you.”

On the phone:

“I imagine wearing a monsoon diaper.”
“A monsoon diaper?! Put that in verbatim.”

Is it Bacon?

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100 Best Albums of the Decade: Rolling Stones

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There’s alot to take in here, give me a moment, I can’t breathe.

Bonjour Phoenix

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These Frenchies stole my heart while it was torn in two; so Phoenix played like glue- on constant rotation and on mending me. I was instantly drawn to their music because it made me want to jump right back into life rather than sulk, and tracks like “Love Like a Sunset” was perfect for long drives and plane rides because it drowns all the bullshit out to let you ride out the momentum of their lyrics and beats. It’s such a trip trip trip trip that they’re actually going to be in town this Friday. The only upset is how Phoenix is playing at the Orpheum, when clearly they are made for the Commodore or somewhere under the big sun where double fisting and happy feeting is mandatory code of conduct. Regardless, it’s gonna be sick sick sick sick. I also recently learnt that this album was voted 60th “Best Album of the Decade” by Rolling Stone so I anticipate their live show to be like a riot like a riot oh!  And if alladat wasn’t enough, the official Phoenix after party is at the Met, faire la fete oui oui. Reviews to follow.

Whistler Verbatim

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4 out of context verbal highlights from the weekend past-

At Valhalla:

“Awh Ewic.”

At the Ville:

“Le Boutique Olympique.”

At Beagle:

“Does hollandaise sauce come from Holland?”
“Hollandaise sauce.”
“Holiday socks?!”

At Beagle:


How to Aid Haiti’s Relief Effort

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Red Cross says: “The earthquake has left an estimated 3 million people in need of emergency aid.” To put this in perspective, all the regions of Greater Vancouver combined has a little less than 3 million people. It is necessary to reach out.  Although unfortunate that it took Haiti to crumble to the ground before we heard their cry for help, aid is aid, better late than never.

Aid Haiti’s Relief Effort

  1. Educate yourself on the facts of Haiti’s earthquake –
  2. Be aware of the myriad ways you can aid with relief efforts
  3. Check out  the following sites
  4. Take out your credit card
  5. Donate the money you were going to spend on drinks, a lift pass, 7-11 taquitos this weekend
  6. Don’t parade around like you’re some sort of superhero
  7. Do pat yourself on the back for making a conscious decision to help
  8. Spread the word, every bit counts!

*The Government of Canada said it will match any donations made to registered charitable groups for the Haitian disaster from Jan. 12 to Feb. 12, up to a maximum of $50 million. More bang for your buck!

Monday Night Awesome

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Remember the quiet wonders. The world has more need of them than it has for warriors.” -Charles De Lint

In a little apartment in a little city, precious things happen. It’s where simplicity thrives and where quiet commands respect. Lately I find myself journeying to this place more often. Before, I found the distance daunting, having to cross bridges and zigzag traffic, now I find it comforting knowing where I’ll end up. Suddenly the kilometers that separate me from this place seem trivial and worth it. I went there last night, after a Monday of work and only five hours of sleep the night before. Getting there was terrible, with a car accident bottle-necking three lanes into one and red lights intersecting a smooth cruise, prolonging the long drive to longer. By the time I got there, I was grumpy and exhausted to a point I thought I would only contaminate the place with my snappy temper and general annoyance of the world. Then I stepped inside. Right away, I was recieved with a hug warm enough to force my shitty attitude out the window and if that wasn’t enough, the couch was waiting there ready to swallow me in for a nap. I woke up to the smell of dinner, delivered on time to shut up an empty stomach. Slowly and surely, I was brought back to wellness through half an hour of shut eye and plates of Thai. The rest of the evening was shared with the folks of prime time, Segel and Harris distracting us with their tom foolery while we talked about today, tomorrow and How I met Your Mother. In so many ways, this little apartment in a little city was a sanctuary blocking out the ugly and the messy by harboring the wonders of quiet nights in. And it’s nights like this that speak the loudest. If you’re smart enough to hear it, it’s shouting as mighty as it can: “This is as good as it gets!” Because when half the world is fighting outside in trenches and the other half is living under trenches, you’re kind of special for having a little apartment in a little city to house all the big moments inside.

Weekend Verbatim

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4 out of context verbal highlights from the weekend past-

At 3 Idiots the Movie:

“I love geeks.”

At a friend’s house:

“I have his blood on my hands, I can’t kill him again.”

 At Best Buy:

“I work with the weirdest people, they’re all like, lets crack some codes.”

At Coast:

“I turned the ‘fire place’ on to sleep, you can it hear it crackling bok bok bok.”

Might as Well

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                 When we finish early we go for a beer and he tells me why he’s a thirty-one-year-old student studying philosophy at New York University, he was in the war, not Korea, the big one in Europe but he has to work nights in this goddam bank because of his dishonorable discharge in the spring of 1945, just before the war ended and isn’t that a bitch.
                 Taking a shit, that’s what he was, a nice quiet shit in a French ditch, all wiped and ready to button up when who comes along but a goddam lieutenant and a sergeant and the lieutenant has nothing else to do but march up to Andy and accuse him of an unnatural act with that sheep standing there a few feet away. Andy admits that in a way the lieutenant had a right to jump to the wrong conclusion since just before pulling up his pants Andy had a hard-on which made it difficult to pull up the aforementioned pants and even though he hated anything in the shape of an officer he felt an explanation would help.
                Well, Lieutenant, I may have fucked that sheep or I may not have fucked that sheep but what’s interesting here is your peculiar concern with me and my relationship with that sheep. There’s a war on, Lieutenant. I come out here to take a shit in a French ditch and there’s a sheep at eye level and I’m nineteen years old and I haven’t been laid since my high school prom and a sheep, especially a French sheep, looks very tempting and if I looked like I was ready to jump on that sheep you’re right, Lieutenant, I was, but I didn’t. You and the sergeant interrupted a beautiful relationship. I thought the lieutenant would laugh, instead he said I was a goddam liar, that I had sheep written all over me. I wanted sheep all over me. I dreamed of it but it hadn’t happened and what he said was so unfair I pushed him, didn’t hit him, just pushed , and the next thing, Jesus, they had all kinds of artillery sticking in my face, pistols, carbines, M1 rifles, and before you know it there was a court-martial where I had a drunken captain defending me who told me in private that I was a disgusting sheep fucker and he was sorry he couldn’t be at the other end prosecuting me because his father was  Basque from Montana where they respected their sheep, and I still don’t know if I was sent to the stockade for six months for assaulting an officer or screwing the sheep. What I got out of it was a dishonorable discharge and when that happens you might as well study philosophy at NYU.


-Excerpt from Tis by Frank McCourt, a follow up memoir to Angela’s Ashes.