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Weekend Verbatim

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3 out of context verbal highlights from the weekend past-

At Precious the movie:

“Omg that girl speaking Jamaican, I knew exactly what she was saying.”

At a housewarming party:

“You put food in a make shift to-go container and left?! That’s stealing! That’s the same thing as me taking money from his room and putting it in a cup.”

At the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra:

 “I’m watching his (conductor) hair, I like his hair. I like the way it flows.”


New Love

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Why does pure vanilla extract cost more than $7.00 for less than 50 mm? Why do I need it for my cookies and cupcakes?  Why do I have this insatiable desire to bake? Simultaneously I have been collecting recipes, consulting expert Food Network trained bakers, and perusing the baking aisle developing product knowledge.  It is more than the cold that is keeping me in, it’s the domestication of Nadia. Last week I spent Thursday, Saturday and Sunday baking and almost Monday too until a shortage of milk convinced me to reschedule. Did you know that icing comes ready to spread in a container?  Who knew right? For all I knew, icing grew on trees. And did you know the best way to crush Oreo cookies is to chop them up on a cutting board with a butcher knife?  Ya, I learnt that the hard way.  As I am writing this, I am making a mental checklist of the ingredients I have. Flour, check. Icing sugar, check. Oreo Cookies, check. Pastel colored cupcake cups, check. Buttaaa, check.  Cookies and cream cupcakes, I see to your challenge and raise you a nickel.  This time around, please don’t turn out dry.

I don’t know what it is about baking that’s got me all giddy but I think it has something to do with mixing two and a half cups of flour with a little bit of this and an even tinier bit of that with three egg whites and then shoving them into hot hot heat  then seeing them puff puff puff into oven fresh mounds of deliciousness. It feels so good and it is so satisfying.  The best part though is definitely decorating and delivering. Heavy on the icing for dad, easy on the icing for mom and no icing for my brother. For my girls, icing in perfect swirls and cookie chunks in pretty rings. Perhaps my relationship with baking may turn out to be a winter fling but I doubt it. Yesterday I invested in our future, I got myself fancy pants muffin tins, some cookie cutters and for Christmas, I asked for an electric mixer.  In exchange, I expect baking to keep me warm at night.

Dear Taylor

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I’m pretending that I am writing to Taylor.  When I write to Taylor, I don’t think and I don’t mind. I trust the spillage on the page and that it will come together in a tangled messy way.  Taylor unravels the mess and makes it make sense to him, I don’t care if he gets it but he does.  Taylor lives a long plane ride away and while calling him is easy as pie, I always write instead.  He gets mad because I never call but a phone call doesn’t clean out the brain as much as writing does.  Taylor takes out my trash, he’s good at it.  Taylor sucks at keeping in touch.  A few scattered words on Tuesday and then nothing until three Wednesdays later.  Long strings of ………………… connect one random thought to the next …………….. and make it seem like he had a lot to say.  Taylor calls instead.  And after each phone call, I promise to be the next to call but I don’t.  I always go back to writing him 400 words instead of dialing 9 numbers.  That’s when I knew I liked writing and I did it for myself and not because I really had a purpose or that anyone else really cared for it.  And now that I am trying to write, like write write for practice in hopes that one day I will write for a purpose, I’m nervous.  Something I use to do just for fun has become somewhat of a daunting task.  Words use to just dance in my head and roll onto the page but now I ain’t feeling my groove. Is this  how it feels like to not know how to dance? Poor Taytay.  So here is my plan of action: pretend I’m writing to Taylor and hopefully, it’ll just be groovy.


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I had you at hello.